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Real Estate Selling Tips by Movement Realty

When selling your home, there are few things that you can do that will make your home more appealing to potential buyers.


1. Presentation is everything

your home needs to draw the buyer’s attention and make them feel warm, comfortable and welcoming. This doesn’t need to cost you a lot of money, actually this can be achieved with very little work at all. Place fresh flowers in a vase, open blinds and curtains, let the house be flooded in natural light. If the weather is cold, make the house warm and cosy, if it’s hot outside, keep the home cool and inviting. Nothing is less appealing to a potential buyer than a property that smells of smoke or pets, ensure the home is well ventilated with room deodorisers or scented candles.

2. Keep your property accessible at all times

If the opportunity presents itself and a potential buyer cannot access your property, it is likely that you may lose that buyer. Keep a set of keys with your agent, agree on security measures and conditions of entry so that your representative agent has the flexibility to offer tours, even if you’re not home.

3. Repairs

When a buyer looks through your home they will notice things that may need repairing or things that may need replacing. It’s important to fix as many of these cosmetic aspects as possible to help entice the buyer and set your property apart from others. If there are cracked tiles or a small hole in the wall, get it fixed. If there are fence panels missing or floorboards are rotting on the patio, replace them and give them a coat of paint. Ideally, we want to give buyers as fewer reasons as possible to a) refuse to purchase your property and b) be less inclined to haggle on price.

4. Cleanliness

Always maintain a clean and tidy home. This helps make a better impression on any potential buyers. Ensure all areas of your property are as uncluttered as possible including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and even garages, carports and sheds. You want the space to be inviting and fresh so that potential buyers can focus on imagining themselves living there without the distraction of mess. Make sure that outdoor areas are presentable, mow the lawn, trim any overgrown trees, make sure any outdoor furniture is clean and there are not too many items lying around the yard. These things will distract a buyer from seeing the true potential of the property. Remove all rubbish, clean any oil stains from the concrete, any cobwebs from the walls.


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